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Implement IoT Solutions

MATRIX Labs makes it easy for companies to step into the world of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. According to Cisco, there will be 25 billion IoT devices by 2020. Today's companies are investing in smart technology and using IoT to track and optimize business processes in real time. We accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies for your company and set you up to lead the curve in your industry.

Work With Our Expert Team

Our expert team of university professors, PhDs, and veteran hardware engineers from Columbia, Cornell, and MIT, among others, understand your vision and work with you to dig even deeper into potential data sources. We work efficiently, stick to budgets, and provide the best results. In the end, you will have more insight than you ever imagined.

Utilize Our Deep Technology Stack

AI Lab

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Far beyond connected devices, exist things powered by Artificial Intelligence. We fuel hardware with machine learning technologies that make it smarter over time.

Hardware Lab

Hardware Lab

Utilize our robust hardware solutions to gather data and interact with the world around you. Our team of experts helps you build IoT.

App Lab

App Lab

The most practical and creative applications for the Internet of Things are built with the MATRIX OS, which can be transplanted to any hardware device.


Fast Track to IoT

On day one, our team defines the scope of your project and provides you with an adequate timeline. We understand the importance of being ready for trade shows, presentations, pitches, and client reviews. We leverage our full technology stack to quickly deliver exceptional insight. We are also flexible to additions and sub-projects you might want to explore.

Lead the Industry with Artificial Intelligence

Saves billions and offers a cost-effective package for your desired technology solution.

Allows you to build physical world applications for internal or customer use.

Eliminates friction for installation, integration, and migration.

Allows you to implement high-level security standards easily.

Creates features for simple management of on-the-floor variables including labor, inventory, safety, etc.

Allows enterprises to integrate solutions into internal systems.

Allows enterprises to form thousands of business models.

Main Industries We Serve


We improve patient care with computer vision technology and the ability to trigger alerts.


We optimize business processes and offer enhanced monitoring of your products.

OOH Media

We provide viewership validation for OOH companies and real-time audience analytics for brands.


We provide real-time data & analytics for stores. The guest experience is enhanced with MATRIX.

Smart Home

We offer complete home automation, enhanced security, and a virtual assistant named MIA via MATRIX.


We improve the guest experience with MATRIX and provide real-time audience analytics for existing digital signage.

Enterprise Partners