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Bring Your IoT Idea to Life

MATRIX Labs is looking for people ready to create their ideas using artificial intelligence. You might be tinkering on something in the evening, thinking over and over again about an awesome idea, or stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you. By taking advantage of the entire MATRIX ecosystem, we build your prototype fast and get you ready to pitch.

Choose Your Launch Package
Starting at $15K


    • Price: $15K to $50K

  • Project Length: 8-12 Weeks


MATRIX Platform

  • Operating System
  • MATRIX Device
  • App
  • Dashboard
  • Basic Computer Vision

    • Price: $50K to $250K

  • Project Length: 12-24 Weeks


MATRIX Platform

  • Operating System
  • MATRIX Devices
  • Custom App
  • Custom Dashboard

Computer Vision Platform

  • Face Detection & Recognition
  • Gesture Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
We help businesses step into the world of IoT. Our solutions are customized and built by world-class engineers. Timelines, budgets, and ROI are all top of mind when we work with you.

Fast Track to Prototype

We reduce the hardships, expenses, and time to market of building a prototype by leveraging our hardware as a stage for your idea.


It takes an average of $1.5M and 12 months to go to market with an IoT prototype. By taking advantage of the MATRIX platform, you can build your prototype starting at $15K.

Access to MATRIX Developer Community

You may decide which global creators work on your project. You will have an open line of communication with them and our internal team to ensure you build an incredible product.

Tools for Artificial Intelligence

We offer the most advanced AI technologies to fuel your product ideas. Our deep technology stack will take you as far as your imagination will go.

Market Testing on the MATRIX App Market

Users on our MATRIX App Market will serve as the perfect sample audience for you to test your product. You will get the fast and detailed feedback you need to keep growing.

Our Proven Process

PHASE 1: Explore
PHASE 2: Plan
PHASE 3: Validate
PHASE 4: Build
PHASE 5: Validate Again
PHASE 6: Release

We work with you to define the scope of your project and build a roadmap that is right for you.