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Easily Leverage Artificial Intelligence

We connect the physical world to the online grid in a way that improves human life. We make complex methodologies for real-time data collection seem simple through user-friendly interfaces, configurations, and quick integrations. Libraries in the AI lab allow us to implement a solid base of artificial intelligence technologies creatively into your project.

Computer Vision

Our deep technology stack includes computer vision technologies such as Face Detection, Gesture Detection, Face Recognition, and Blob Detection. These technologies can be deployed to MATRIX or any hardware device in one line of code, with event-based triggers.

Machine Learning

We utilize the most advanced machine learning technologies, covering deep learning, unsupervised learning, and neural networks. You can train devices to learn your interactions, or act on external stimuli outside of our platform via APIs.

Big Data

The MATRIX ecosystem facilitates the collection of big data for developers all over the world. We have created hardware meant to gather vast amounts of varied data in real time. Furthermore, we welcome innumerable opportunities for data collection by making MATRIX OS transplantable to any connected device.

Products Fresh Out of the Artificial Intelligence Lab

Trigger actions with gestures utilizing a simple 2D camera. You can make any screen a touchscreen.


Face Detection by AdMobilize

Real-time face detection and demographics. Includes: impressions, views, dwell time, age, gender, and emotion.